Pepper – Start with the perfect pepper. The flavor profile of the pepper really sets the stage for a great salsa. Be sure that you select a pepper based on your preference for spice, no need to be a hero and plant the hottest pepper you can find.

Popular choices: Poblano, Rocotillo, Jalapeno, Cayenne

Tomato – When it comes to tomatoes there is an endless supply of amazing options and none are wrong. Beefsteaks are a popular choice for salsa because they are juicy and tend to be meatier. Many gardeners opt for a paste tomato because they have fewer seeds. Heirlooms are always a great choice, they burst with flavor and some offer interesting colors that add vibrance to your salsa.

Popular Choices: San Marzano, Amish Paste, Rutgers, Lemon Oxheart (good for citrus salsa), Black Krim

Tomatillos are a great choice and substitution for tomatoes. They have a refreshing tartness that adds an unexpected twist to salsa.  

Onions – I’m a bit biased in my preference, I love red onions. The best advice that we can offer here is to purchase onion sets and not to start from seeds. Onions can be tricky to grow from seed; you will be much happier with your 1st year harvest if you grow from a set.

Cilantro – With patience you can grow this herb from seed. Performance tends to be better if you sow directly in the garden. May people find herbs challenging to grow, often over-watering and causing them to die. Others simply get anxious for these slow growers and head to a local nursery. Whatever you chose, cilantro is a salsa star.

Garlic – Unlike grocery store potatoes that are treated with a growth inhibitor, you can plant garlic from the grocery store. Fall tends to be the best time to plant garlic, it needs the cold temps to form bulbs. If you missed the fall planting, no need to worry. Divide your garlic into cloves and place them in a Ziplock bag filled halfway with soil. Place it in the freezer for 4 weeks and then plant!

What’s in my 2020 Salsa Garden?

  • Chocolate Habanero Pepper– the pepper has a unique smokey flavor
  • Cayenne Pepper  – I love spice!
  • Black Krim Tomato – Rich, salty flavor
  • Purple Tomatillo – I enjoy tomatillos and purple sounded like a fun
  • Wapsipinicon Peach Tomato – sweet & fruity, perfect for fruit salsa
  • White, Yellow & Red Onions
  • Softneck Garlic
  • Cilantro …..lots of cilantro 😊

Looking for a good salsa recipe? Check out our Tomatillo Salsa!

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